Next Level: Grunge Chakra

Chakra alignment; check yourself before you wreck yourself

Board Specs:

  • Width - 7.75 - 8 - 8.25 - 8.5
  • Nose - 6.71"
  • Tail - 6.407"
  • Wheelbase - 14.2"
  • Concave - 10.5mm
  • 7-ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Grunge Chakra graphics are part of the Next Level Grunge Series

Grunge Chakra

  • Skateboard deck are not indestructable. Water will damage them quickly. Do not get your board wet. If you're out and it starts to rain and there is no cover; you take your t-shirt off and wrap your board to protect it. Do not leave your board out over night the cool damp morning air will damage it. If your the nose or tail of your board are being hit; the nose and tail will chip. Your nose and tail will naturally wear down from ollies and nollies. And if you're rad enough you will break your board landing a trick. Breaking your board is never recommended. If you break your new Next Level Skateboard on your first session; Next Level Skateboard Shop will replace it. If you break your new Next Level Skateboard on your second session; Next Level Skateboard Shop will sell you another board at the usual shop price. 

Next Level Skateboards is a retail store in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
We are located at the James Street Plaza in Antigonish.
The store is open 10am to 6pm - 7 days a week

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James Street Plaza Antigonish

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Canada, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy

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