The Après is a technically designed shoe for after skateboarding. Jumping down stairs and running out of bails all day takes a toll on your feet and shoes. Give your feet some TLC and slip on comfortable chiller shoe when you're not skating. We didn't stop after "comfortable"! We added a full wrap around heel bag window, a heel stablizer and a plactic shank in the midsole. These added features will improve the health and structure of the skeleton by giving it a robust foundation to stand on.


Technical features:

  • Airbags under heels - full airbags to protect against impacts and heel bruising
  • Heel stabalizer - helps to keep your feet where they are supposed to be
  • Shank in sole - increases stability as you shift your weight from your toes to your heels and vice versa 
  • Nylon lace loops - eaiser lace pull
  • Cup sole - to keep your feet stable and straight and under you
  • Padded tongue and collar - protects the top of your feet from impacts
  • Tongue centering straps - keeps tongues centered and works as a slipper when your laces are not done up
  • Lace anchor loops on tongue - (optional) also works as a lace saver
  • Nylon heel loops
  • Removalable footbed insole
  • Synthetic Nubuck and Mesh
  • Extra laces


The Après