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Antigonish Skatepark

Antigonish Skatepark opened in November 2019 and is at 42 West St. in Antigonish. This build was a coordinated the effort involving the Town of Antigonish, The Municipality of the County of Antigonish, St. F.X University and local Antigonish Businesses and the citizens of Antigonish.

We wanted our park to be front and center in the public so it would have the most eyes on it and we want to celebrate and showcase Antigonish athletes and youth. It's in a highly visible area, close to the schools, close to food and water and is 11,000 sq/ft with lots of green space and benches surrounding the park.

Antigonish Skatepark

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Citizen Roles

President & Founder

Jason Mason


Vice President

Brenda Finnigan



Riley Traboulsee



Sophia Finnigan



Tony Cotie


Caleb Porter

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About Us

We did it!


The Antigonish Skatepark is now open. Thank you to the local Antigonish businesses that donated to the skatepark. Your contributions really made the difference.


Shop local because they support local.

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Contact Us


Jason Mason - President

Tel: 902-863-4SK8

Tel: 902-863-4758

Tel: 604-617-9975

Antigonish, NS

Social and Economic effects of a professionally designed skatepark

Social Benefits:

  • Skateparks provide a physical activity for kids not interested in traditional team sports.

  • Community skateparks provide a safe and challenging place for skaters of all levels to develop as athletes.

  • Skateboarding and BMX  are two of the fastest growing activities in the United States with more than 14 million participants.

  • Public Skateparks help get kids “off the streets” and into a safe place. Without a public skatepark, the kids are forced to play in the streets.

  • Creating a community skatepark will help minimize damage skaters do to public and private property.

  • For example, In the City of Calgary, 75% of 24 communities surveyed after the skatepark opened, reported a significant reduction in the “street” skate problem. Eliminating the need for police and official time used to respond to and report on skating issues.

  • A great professionally designed and built skatepark acts as an extension of the local skateboarders specific needs. The skaters build a sense of ownership by participating in design conversations skatepark company.

  • Public skateparks provide healthy activity for kids and help eliminate boredom and drug use. Youth addiction services have identified the most common reason for drug use is boredom.

Economic Benefits:

  • Skateparks help create the need for quality skateboard shops. This helps bring new jobs and tax revenue to the community.

  • Skateparks help create new skateboard teaching and instructional jobs.

    •     The community should set up skateboard lessons and camps to help teach beginner through experienced riders.

    •     This creates a winning environment for the skaters, instructors and community

  • A professionally designed skatepark will attract out-of-town visitors to spend money within the community.

  • “It actually becomes a draw for your community if you have a good skatepark. Skaters want to come and try it. Never underestimate the power of a teenager to sway his or her parents’ travel plans! -Patti Ferguson, City Administrator for Armstrong, BC,

  • A public skatepark makes the community appear to be invested in the youth and active lifestyles. This will attract new residents to your community.



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Antigonish Skatepark NEW logo Nov 26, 2019.png
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Next Level Skateboards is a retail store in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
We are located at the James Street Plaza in Antigonish.
The store is open 10am to 5'ish-pm - 7 days a week
Maybe call first to make sure we are at the shop and not at the park
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