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Customer Care

We have sourced the best quality and professional products available today. Next Level products are made in the same factories as the big brand products. We sourced only the best products because we want everyone's first set up to be the best it can be so that the skater can have the best experience possible.


You are welcome to go out can buy brand name products but I guaranteed you our product is on par and in some product instances even better than the brand name products in terms of quality and performance.

We are not messing with you Antigonish. We come correct right out of the gate with best quality product own, operated and based out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Privacy & Safety

We do not and will not collect your data with the purpose of selling it or sharing it with anyone.

The only data we collect is payment information that is used for accounting purposes and nothing else. We also use the payment information to tracking our own stock numbers.  

Wholesale Inquiries

Next Level Skateboards is available to provide inventory for shops as well as bulk orders and costume product and branded product.

Please feel free to contact us to inquire about Next Level Skateboards in your store or shop.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
Antigonish Skatepark 400x400.jpg
Next Level Skateboards is a retail store in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
We are located at the James Street Plaza in Antigonish.
The store is open 10am to 5'ish-pm - 7 days a week
Maybe call first to make sure we are at the shop and not at the park
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