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  • Do skateboard come assembled or do I have to do that?
    Skateboards are usually sold as seperate parts that when assembled make a complete skateboard. • Deck or Board • Trucks • Wheels • Bearings • Hardware • Grip Tape Skateboard parts wear down at different rates depending on how they are being used. For some a board can last a year, for others a board will last a month. Trucks can be used for years. Wheels can cone and flat spot. Bearings can get wet and dirty and slow. So you can always replace parts. Putting a skateboard together is a lot of fun when you know what you are doing. We can build the entire skateboard for you or just assemble parts for you. This does take time so we charge $5.00 to assemble a complete skateboard or parts of a skateboard. This is a service which falls under the HST, so 15% will be added to the $5.00 for a total of $5.75 tax included.
  • Can anyone skateboard or is there an age limit?
    Skateboarding is the most inclusive sport/culture on the planet. Skateboarding doesn't care who you are, what you identify as, how old you are, how able you are or how cool or uncool you think you are. Falling will always be apart of skateboarding; just like getting back up will always be a part of skateboarding. Yes kids can fall down and bounce back up quicker. Where your pads, learn your basics; tic tac, kickturn and drop in, skate within your means, have fun. Yes; anyone who wants to, can skateboard in some way, shape or form.
  • Do you offer skateboard lessons?
    Yes Next Level Skateboards does have lessons for beginners, intermediate and contest training. There are group lessons, 1 on 1 lessons and girls only lessons. Sessions start at 2 hours and can be booked for 3 hours and 4 hour sessions. 1 on 1 lessons start at $40 +HST = $46.00 (maxium 1 skater per session) group lessons start at $80 +HST = $92.00 (maxium 6 skaters per session) Group Lesson Breakdown • 2 skaters = $46.00/skater • 3 skaters = $30.67/skater • 4 skaters = $23.00/skater • 5 skaters = $18.40/skater • 6 skaters = $15.34/skater
  • How do I know if this is quality product?
    We have sourced the best quality and professional products available today. Next Level products are made in the same factories as the big brand products. We sourced only the best products because we want everyone's first set up to be the best it can be so that the skater can have the best experience possible. You are welcome to go out can buy brand name products but I guaranteed you our product is on par and in some product instances even better than the brand name products in terms of quality and performance. ​ We are not messing with you Antigonish. We come correct right out of the gate with best quality product own, operated and based out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
  • Can I return my skateboard products if I don't like them?
    No. If you have not set up or used your products or touched them to the ground or in any way shape or form used the product; then your return will be considered and decided by the management staff working that day. RETURNS ARE CONSIDERED AND NOT GUARANTEED. ​ If you break your board within the first hour of the first session provided that it was purchased, set up and used all within the same hour; your board will be replaced ONCE. ​ If you break your board 1 hour and 1 second after purchasing it; your board will not be replaced. For clothing we can do returns 30 days after purchase provided the clothing was not worn or used or if it is obvious to the management staff working that day that it is a manufacturers defect then your return will be considered and decided by the management staff working that day. RETURNS ARE CONSIDERED AND NOT GUARANTEED.
Antigonish Skatepark 400x400.jpg
Next Level Skateboards is a retail store in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
We are located at the James Street Plaza in Antigonish.
The store is open 10am to 5'ish-pm - 7 days a week
Maybe call first to make sure we are at the shop and not at the park
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