Professional quality pad set for skateboarding.

Black pads. Black caps. Black rivets. Black straps.

  • knees
  • elbows
  • wrists

Skate safer, skate longer.

Next Level Pads

  • Having pads is one thing. Wearing pads is even better. Knowing how to use your pads is the best.

    The pad part is used to cushion impact and disperse energy.
    The plastics and caps are used to slide and there by releasing the extra energy into a different direction and make your bails more controlled and predictable. This is where you will knee slide out or plam slide out using your wrist guards.

    If you're going to bail; get your pads under you and prepare to slide out laterally on the ground, floor or surface. Put as much of your falling weight onto the plastics of your pads lean into it and ride/slide your pads until you stop, then get up and try it again.

Next Level Skateboards is a retail store in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
We are located at the James Street Plaza in Antigonish.
The store is open 10am to 6pm - 7 days a week

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James Street Plaza Antigonish

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Canada, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy

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