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Thunder Night Lights Hi are better for turning as the truck can pivot further as the different geometry allows more movement. Larger wheels can be fitted without wheel bite, 53mm to 58mm, as the axle now sits further away from the deck.

Thunder Night Lights High 147’s are ideal for anyone skating an 7.9” -8.12 ‘ wide deck. These Thunders are ready to hit the streets with a high grade kingpin and chrome-moly axle design for a lighter and quicker turning riding experience. 

Thunder Hollow Night II 147


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    Antigonish Skatepark 400x400.jpg
    Next Level Skateboards is a retail store in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
    We are located at the James Street Plaza in Antigonish.
    The store is open 10am to 5'ish-pm - 7 days a week
    Maybe call first to make sure we are at the shop and not at the park
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